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who are we ?
A Saudi joint stock company working to create a new chapter in the world of marketing fresh products of vegetables and fruits through Saudi farms and importing the best and high-quality products from around the world, through the use of the latest technologies in the world of packaging and using refrigerated transport vehicles and a wide distribution network. We work to supply our products in Throughout the regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
vegetables and fruits
fresh daily
At Leen Al Khair Company, we are committed to providing fresh and high-quality vegetables and fruits on a daily basis, and checked for pesticide residues, to ensure the provision of fresh, reliable products that our customers trust.

There are many advantages to being partners with you, because we do a lot.. and we have many added values

Everything starts with research and access to the best types of fruits and vegetables.. We choose them carefully and check them with the latest technology.. There are also many advantages that you will only find in Leen Al Khair Company.

Products Inspection

Quality managers at Leen Al Khair Company check the products on a daily basis to ensure their safety from pesticide residues

control and quality

Fresh produce requires strict quality control.. We do this by developing agricultural and operational techniques to maintain the quality and properties of the products.

Supply Chain Management

At a professional level.. Hundreds of refrigerated cars transport hundreds of tons of products daily to all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.. To reach you fresh and with high quality.


Packaging materials, necessary to protect products and attractive in presentation in addition to their importance in the shelf life.. The research team at Leen Al Khair is always working on developing packaging materials to match your aspirations

Sale Point
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Daily Product
Supply and Marketing
We work daily to supply hundreds of products from fruits, vegetables and leafy vegetables to supermarkets, restaurants and hotels to the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
We are here to help you get the best experience for your customers

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