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Investor Relations Department

Investor Relations Department

We work in Leen Al-Khair Company in the production, purchase and import of a wide range of crops and agricultural products (fresh vegetables and fruits), re-packaging them in multi-size containers, marketing and selling them on a daily basis through a logistical work system and a distribution network within the Kingdom

We share with our customers the provision of products and services according to high standards of quality, innovation and development, and communicate with shareholders and investors effectively to achieve our motto "always with you" and provide our partners with objective information and commitment to a high degree of transparency to reach shareholder satisfaction..

Financial statements and board reports

القوائم المالية   القوائم المالية ٢٠٢٢.pdf
تقرير مجلس الإدارة   تقرير مجلس الإدارة ٢٠٢٢.pdf


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