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    More than 15 years of experience in
    supplying vegetables and fruits to restaurants and stores

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    Our products are
    on supermarket shelves

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    We import our products
    from all over the world

Contracting and supply

We work daily to supply hundreds of products from fruits, vegetables and leafy to food chains, small specialty grocers, wholesalers and suppliers, restaurants, hotels and catering sectors, food service industry, and online suppliers.
We are here to help you get the best experience for your customers, our account managers will contact you to meet your needs and get the best products

about us
about us
about us
Leen Alkhair

account manager

We seek to create a unique experience for you with Lynn Al-Khair, as we provide you with an account manager who studies and analyzes the details of your business to serve you the way you deserve.

Contracting style

We always guarantee you to provide various options of contracts that suit your activity in terms of contract term or prices of products in the contract


We provide you with integrated reports about your contract, products and purchases, which allow you to know all the details of the branches’ purchases of vegetables and fruits, as these reports help you in evaluating, developing and managing your business better

Scheduling orders

Leen Al Khair application allows you to schedule orders, where you can specify the day and time for delivery to all branches in accordance with your schedule and needs

If you own your own business and want to get an exceptional experience in supplying vegetables and fruits to you..

We are here to tell you that we have sufficient experience and administrative and operational capacity to ensure that you obtain an exceptional experience in supplying vegetables and fruits to you .. So you should choose Leen Al Khair Company to be your reliable supplier

Products Quality

We have a list of procedures we are working on to ensure that the products that reach you conform to our quality standards.. The quality managers in Leen Al-Khair have sufficient experience in evaluating the quality of each product, while giving all customers the right to return and replace the products in case they do not match the agreed specifications.

Consult our experts

Through our highly experienced team in product quality and food safety, and in knowing the details of the products suitable for your business, we work to provide you with the best products of vegetables and fruits that match your menu.. We have a list of local and imported vegetables and fruits that exceed 600 products that provide you with all your needs

Cooler delivery to all your branches

We are here to tell you to trust Lin Al Khair Company because it will save you a high list of costs of transporting vegetables and fruits products to your branches.. If you own more than one branch, we have more than 150 refrigerated transport vehicles that deliver our fresh products to all your branches throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

fixed prices

Do not worry about the change in the costs of products for your restaurant or business due to the change in the prices of vegetables and fruits .. We have a list of fixed prices that you can get during the contract period .. The sales team at Leen Al Khair Company will help you get the best prices suitable for you .. which contributes In the stability of the profitability of your restaurant or business and the development of your business